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Trading Objectives Results Summary
+ Minimum 2 Trading Days 9 Passed

This value represents the number of your active trading days as measured in the CE(S)T timezone. Read more

+ Max Daily Loss -$2,500 -$1,037.97 (-2.07%) Passed

This value represents the lowest equity drop recorded on one particular day. It contains your floating P/L and can only be replaced by a greater loss. Read more

+ Max Loss -$5,000 -$471.99 (-0.94%) Passed

This value represents the lowest recorded equity of your account from the time it is traded. Read more

+ Profit Target $2,500 $2,835.23 (5.67%) Passed

This value represents your profit in equity. Read more

Average profit
Average loss
No. of trades
Average RRR
Win rate
Profit factor
Sharpe Ratio
Daily Summary
Date Trades Lots Result
5 Jul 41 8.20 $307.28
4 Jul 26 5.20 $400.68
3 Jul 23 4.60 $369.50
30 Jun 36 7.20 $572.05
29 Jun 25 5.00 $410.31
28 Jun 33 6.60 $524.48
27 Jun 15 3.00 $235.22
26 Jun 1 0.20 $15.71

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