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Account Analysis 1300342748

During the FTMO Account trading period, you've traded 17 trading days. As there is no requirement on the minimum of trading days anymore, how frequently you wanted to trade was completely up to you this time. In total, you opened 41 positions, and on average, you traded 2.4 positions a day.

Your success rate was 53.66%. This win rate was accompanied by a negative RRR (Reward to risk ratio) with the value 0.71. With a negative RRR, it is usually tougher to remain a profitable trader. A negative RRR means that you are closing lower profits over the losses. Consequently, there might be a pressure for a higher success rate which is not always sustainable in a long run. However, this is not relevant to all trading systems. The average profitable trade was $214.43 and the average losing trade was -$301.54. The ratio between the maximum reached profit (Max. profit) $2,109.30 and maximum loss (Max. loss) -$426.60 is 4.94, which signals a positive ratio. The total profit made on your FTMO Account reached $1,033.45.

Basic Information
Login 1300342748
Account Size $50,000
Start 29 Sep 2022
End -
Balance Curve
General Statistics
Result $1,033.45
Win rate 53.66%
Average profit $214.43
Average loss -$301.54
RRR 0.71
Max Profit $2,109.30
Max Loss -$426.60
Average profit / Average loss
Long / Short comparison

While trading on your FTMO Account, you have opened 18 long trades and 23 short trades. The average profit and the average RRR is higher in long positions. Short trades have scored a higher success rate. The total long trades result is $853.00 and -$357.10 with short trades.

Long / Short comparison
Long Short
Num. of trades 18 23
Result $853.00 -$357.10
Win rate 50.00% 56.52%
Average profit $350.38 $120.32
RRR 1.22 0.38
Long / Short
Long Balance
Short Balance
Results by Days

FTMO Account is perfect to demonstrate how well your strategy works with our Trading Objectives. The column Results by Close shows trades depending on when they were closed. The column Results by Open shows trades depending on when they were opened.

Results by Days
Day Close Open
Monday -$222.20 -$222.20
Tuesday $469.10 $469.10
Wednesday $501.10 $501.10
Thursday $468.90 $468.90
Friday -$721.00 -$721.00
Results by Close
Results by Open
Results by Instruments

On your FTMO Account, you traded 1 instrument with the result $495.90.

Results by Instruments
Long Trades Short Trades
N. of Trades Result N. of Trades Result N. of Trades Result
EURUSD 41 $495.90 18 $853.00 23 -$357.10
N. of Trades Result
EURUSD 41 $495.90
Long Trades 18 $853.00
Short Trades 23 -$357.10
Results by Instruments
Trading Days Analysis

During the trading duration of your FTMO Account, the account balance changed in 17 sessions. The average profitable day was $397.04, the average losing day was -$439.64. The ratio between a profitable day and a losing day is 0.90, which signals the negative ratio. Are you closing your profitable trades prematurely?

Trading Days Analysis
Number of Days 17
Avg. no. of trades 2.41
Positive Days 9
Avg. Positive Day $397.04
Negative Days 7
Avg. Negative Day -$439.64
Average Day
Results by Position Size

On your FTMO Account, you traded 2 different position volumes. Most often, your positions were sized as 7.9 lots with a result of $1,027.00. The biggest volume you traded was 7.9 lots, and on this highest sized trade you made a profit of $1,027.00.

Results by Position Size
Position Size Num. of trades Result
4.70 12 -$531.10
7.90 29 $1,027.00
Results by Position Size
Results by Trade Duration

Here you can find the results of your trades based on their duration. For illustrative purposes, we have rounded them up and split them into groups. According to a time period, your results indicate that 12 trades in the interval of 00:02 – 00:05 resulted in -$970.80. It is important to take a lesson from this table and to focus only on those particular trades that turned out successful for you.

Results by Trade Duration
Duration Num. of trades Result
00:00 – 00:02 9 -$1,463.40
00:02 – 00:05 12 -$970.80
00:05 – 00:15 9 -$636.70
00:15 – 00:30 6 $1,695.30
00:30 – 01:00 5 $1,871.50
Results by Trade Duration
Results by Open Hour

In this section, you will learn what were your results in different trading hours. The time zone is Central European (Summer) Time. On your FTMO Account, you were entering into positions in 10 different hours throughout a day. The best result of $1,764.90 has been reached when you traded between 11:00 - 11:59. In total, during this hour you made 8 trades. On the other hand, the worst result was experienced during 10:00 - 10:59. You were the most active during the hour of your best result.

Results by Open Hour
Hour Num. of trades Result
08:00 - 08:59 4 $103.60
09:00 - 09:59 3 -$276.50
10:00 - 10:59 4 -$1,070.10
11:00 - 11:59 8 $1,764.90
12:00 - 12:59 4 -$229.10
13:00 - 13:59 5 -$371.30
14:00 - 14:59 5 -$302.10
15:00 - 15:59 4 -$719.10
16:00 - 16:59 2 $352.50
17:00 - 17:59 2 $1,243.10
Results by Open Hour
Final Evaluation
Trading Objectives Results Summary
Max Daily Loss -$2,500 -$845.30 (-1.69%) Passing
Max Loss -$5,000 $0.00 (0.00%) Passing
Profit $1,033.45

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